10 Days off sugar….and Counting…..Went to the Dentist

10 Days off sugar….and Counting…..Went to the Dentist

I find that the first 10 days of being off sugar are the hardest.  It gets easier.

After 10 days, I find that I get less disciplined.

I forget how hard it is to be sugar free.  My mind starts negotiating a cookie here, a blizzard there, a treat before bed.

Than I partake, and crash and have to start over.

It really is self flagellation.

Two nights ago, the eve of my 10th day sugar free anniversary, my wife baked cookies.  Chocolate chip cookies.

I used to eat these by the handfuls.  Their taste is as a heavenly experience.  Washed down with a glass of milk.

I abstained.  And God was happy.

I went to the Dentist this week

My mouth is full of feelings.  I feel like I average 2-3 cavities per visit.  And my mouth is sensitive to pain.  I hate dental work.

I went in expecting the worst……

Zero Cavities!

That’s a big deal for me.  Plus it saved me a lot of money.  My dental insurance plan sucks.

I was poking around on Reddit today and found a similar experience to mine.


I managed to confuse my dentist today. from r/sugarfree


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