14 Days of No Sugar – 10% Happier

14 Days of No Sugar – 10% Happier

Yesterday was my 2nd full week off of sugar (according to these Sugar Broke Rules)

Unfortunately, we had a pool party with friends and relatives that I hadn’t seen in a long time.  Pool parties always turn into sugar festivals with everyone bringing their best dish to one up the next person’s.  There’s also a lot of pressure to eat a lot of sugar.  With my new philosophy of keeping my sugar diet to myself, it is difficult to join the party without a cookie in hand (I no longer proselytize my dietary habits.  It’s just annoying and it’s not zen and whatever else and people hate it).

Fortunately, my wife, knowing all of this, prepared for me a bowl of succulent fruit.

So, there it was in it’s gorgeous ironic dichotomy, a bowl of fruit IN FRONT of a pan of cookies:

These aren’t just any cookies.  They are chocolatey chocolate cookies.  My second Favorite. (Here is my First Favorite).

The bowl of fruit was absolutely incredible.  I ate eat by the huge spoon full.  But, I missed a cookie.  I’m not at the point yet where I don’t crave sweets.  I’m actually at a pretty low point.  Life is feeling kind of empty.  I miss that emotional pick-me-up that injecting sugar into my veins provides.  Maybe I’m down for other reasons, but I attribute it to being on day 14 of sugar detox.  I remember that it was at about day 20 last time that I finally felt like I had turned a corner and no longer needed sweets.  I didn’t not want them.  I just didn’t need them.  I could stare a cookie in the face and not be emotionally attached to it.

That sounds so Buddhist.  I feel those sensibilities now having just finished Dan Harris’ “10% Happier”.  

What a great book.  It appealed to me because Dan is so stubbornly cynical and so reluctant to jump with both feet into any new theology, religion or life philosophy, especially those that are peddled as “self help.”  Yet, he found that experiential boost with compassionate meditation and contemplative stillness.  A deliciously motivational story, not necessarily self-help book.


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