34 Days Sugar Free – What I have noticed

34 Days Sugar Free – What I have noticed

I am on Day 35 of No Sugar – Per the Rules of the 100 Day Challenge here:


I attribute getting to Day 35 to this bet that I am still working on:


These are the 5 Things that I am thinking of Today that I have noticed as a Side Effect of no sugar:

Positive Benefits

1). Decreased Sugar Cravings

The main thing is I don’t have intense cravings anymore.  It is the holidays.  We had a holiday cookie party last weekend.  I wasn’t even tempted by the cookies.  Not that they turned me off, and I would have liked one, but I wasn’t salivating by any means.

2). Less Belly Fat

I went to TJMax to look at their Christmas Deals.  I tried on a pair of 36 pants, I normally have to squeeze into them.  They were way too big.  I had to scale down to a 34.  My belly feels flat.  What? It’s not perfect, I’m no body builder or surfer dude.  But it’s nice when my wife notices.

3).  Not Tired

The most significant benefit for me personally for quitting sugar is that I have energy.  I’m not sleepy anymore.  For so many years, I felt like this guy:

Now, I’m not going to break any speed records.  But, my career and family life have definitely benefited from being off of sugar.

4). Softer Skin

This is one that I was not expecting.  I had some eczema and coarse skin before.  My scalp would crack and bleed sometimes.  Now it’s smooth as silk.  I didn’t know this was a side effect, but I’m reading other people have had a similar experience.

5). Mental Health

I feel healthier mentally when I live a disciplined life.  This means no sugar for me.  For some people it might mean moderation. For me it means zero. I smile more.  I feel better overall.

6).  Less Anxiety/Nervousness

I just feel more calm and peace.  Not sure if it is scientific or not.

7).  Better Digestion

I’m more regular and healthy in that area.  That’s all.

Negative Effects

1).  More Criticism From Friends and Family

Along with all of the positive benefits of quitting sugar, there are negative ones as well.  My Mom is literally begging me to break my diet so she can shovel her christmas cooking down my throat.  My Dad says I’m a freak and I need to “quit being so extreme.”  My wife is supportive. Thank you honey.

2).  Miss out on Dessert Connection

My wife and I went to outback last week for a date night.  After dinner, she likes us to share “spotted dogs” (Which consist of vanilla ice cream, oreo cookies and chocolate sauce).  They are really good.  I declined her invitation.  She was disappointed.

3).  Food is not a comfort distraction anymore

I used to think of food as a reward.  It was in my system of “Just get through this painfully boring, grueling, or whatever thing and I’ll eat really well afterwards.”  I’ve lost the ability to say that to myself.  Forces me to work on my psychology, which is a positive.  So complicated one here.

4).  Can’t take the Kids for a Blizzard anymore

I used to enjoy coming home from work on Friday afternoon and taking one of the kids to Dairy Queen for a blizzard.



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