A beach in the 70’s

A beach in the 70’s

On Reddit, a user posted a photo of what a beach looked like in the 70’s.

I’m not about to fat shame anyone.  I care very little with body shape, size or figure.  We all are unique.

I do care about activity level, discipline and the over saturation of sugar in our food culture.

The Sugar industry is to blame.  We are to blame.  Quit buying sweets, and the convenience stores will take notice.


A beach in 70s. Not one fat body. How modern food industry has destroyed our health. from r/OldSchoolCool

And the first comment is relevant:

Let me just leave this from a new article on the exact same topic, written after a photo of people on a beach in 1976 sparked a huge debate about what caused the change in obesity level (which actually started about the 70s, when these photos were taken at least in the US)

The light begins to dawn when you look at the nutrition figures in more detail. Yes, we ate more in 1976, but differently. Today, we buy half as much fresh milk per person, but five times more yoghurt, three times more ice cream and – wait for it – 39 times as many dairy desserts. We buy half as many eggs as in 1976, but a third more breakfast cereals and twice the cereal snacks; half the total potatoes, but three times the crisps. While our direct purchases of sugar have sharply declined, the sugar we consume in drinks and confectionery is likely to have rocketed (there are purchase numbers only from 1992, at which point they were rising rapidly. Perhaps, as we consumed just 9kcal a day in the form of drinks in 1976, no one thought the numbers were worth collecting.) In other words, the opportunities to load our food with sugar have boomed. As some experts have long proposed, this seems to be the issue.

Our food was changed for us, large amount of sugars were added when they weren’t in those foods before, we eat differently because these sugars bypass our natural appetites to a degree and make us want to consume more.

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