Added an extra spoonful of Honey to my Oatmeal

Added an extra spoonful of Honey to my Oatmeal

Honey Exception

Probably the most controversial thing about SugarBroke is the “Honey Exception” to the sugar abstinence rule. You can read our rules here on the Sugar Broke Challenge Page:

Yeah, I’ve heard all the arguments that Honey is the same as sugar and my body will process it in the same way. But I just don’t FEEL the same after honey as I do with sugar. Maybe my body is different than others. There is some science behind this, honey has digestive enzymes and fiber that process the sugars better than refined sugar alone.

I have allergies. I live in a dry, dessert with tumbleweeds. My doctor told me to get on local honey. It has worked for me. Call it a placebo effect if you want, but I don’t have the late summer allergies that I always have.

So, at SugarBroke, we allow Honey in moderation.

Today I had Two Large Scoops

Last night was my wife’s birthday and she had cakes and pies and all kinds of desserts at her party. And I abstained. And today is my 9th day of no sugar. I’ll be on 10 tomorrow and for me that is a huge victory.

But, I was feeling sorry for myself. So, this morning, instead of 1 spoonful of local honey into my oatmeal, I put two heaping scoops. I don’t feel guilty.

There was no sugar crash. There were no ill effects. Just me and some honey and a smile.

And Jesus ate Honey: checkmate skeptics

Luke 24:42

And they gave him a piece of a broiled fish, and of an honeycomb

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