Always Starting Over

Always Starting Over

Not a downer post.  A Happy post.  I went 125 days without sugar.  I feel great about that.  Yes, I’m starting back at zero, but I don’t feel down.  Sincerely.  Not trying to be a motivator, just how I feel.

Unfortunatley, over Thanksgiving, I flew to Vegas with my family and partook of the forbidden fruit.  We flew on Frontier Airlines.  Have you ever flown on Frontier?  That’s an experience in itself.  Really cheap though.


I ate Sugar

It was all so anticlimactic.  I decided I was going to have thanksgiving pie, because we were at the in laws and they went to the trouble of making 4 pies and they were fully expecting me (based on my previous history of eating a lot of pie) to consume their pies, then praise their pies, then take a nap.

So, I took a healthy scoop of key lime pie, banana cream and pumpkin, topped of course with heavenly whip cream and a full scoop of vanilla ice cream.  I sat down on the couch to savor every bite.

I’ll make this short.  It tasted garbage.  The pies just weren’t good.  But the baking mamas were watching my every facial expression and glorifying in every ooh and aah.  And I made plenty of them.

I’m a people-pleaser and I pleased the people.

The Aftermath

Unfortunately, this moment of weakness, or relapse, or pre-mediated move, or whatever the hell you want to call it, set me off into a week and a half semi binge.  I just kind of left my scruples on the plane and dove in head first to all the sugary products I could find.  Milkshakes, chocolate covered almonds, donuts, sugar cereal.

It zapped me.  Literally, knocked me off my feet.  I took three naps one day and was still exhausted.  I couldn’t sleep at night, because my body went back into shock mode.  I didn’t love the sugary stuff as much as I used to, it was TOO sweet.  Calm down food companies, geez.  Killing our taste buds.

So, I ate sugar until this Wednesday.  Then I stopped yesterday and didn’t eat any.  It felt great again.  Except for my sleep patterns are still off, I wake up at night like an insomniac.  But, my energy levels were up immediately.

So, there you have it.  Let’s see how Christmas goes.

Good luck to all.

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