August was Sugar Free – I can now stare a doughnut in the face

August was Sugar Free – I can now stare a doughnut in the face

I made it through August Sugar Free (According to these Sugar Broke guidelines).

I’m going to get to 100 Days.  I’ve tried many times and failed.  This time it feels a little different.

For example:

Over the weekend my 6 year old boy asked me if I’d take him and a friend to Krispy Kreme.

Usually Krispy Kreme is very triggering for me.  I crave doughnuts.  I love them.  They love me.  We just don’t do well together.  The sights, the smells, it is all so enticingly sweet, so tantalizingly seductive.

But, I had to test myself.  I can’t live in a cave.

So, I relented.  And with a smile on my face.  I was going to make it a positive experience, not a drudgery.

And it was.  I stared the donuts in the face and wasn’t anxious.  I enjoyed window shopping and helping the boys pick out their favorite ones.  I was surprised when my boy chose the original glazed.  How boring is that?  I’m all about the exciting sprinkles, syrup filled, flavor explosion.

His friend picked an oreo donut:

Anyways, I’m happy where I’m trending.  It seems positive.  I feel healthier.  Anxiety levels are down and peaceful enjoyment is up.


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