Back to Zero – And How to Avoid Sugar on Christmas

Back to Zero – And How to Avoid Sugar on Christmas

My Holidays are choppy right now.  I wake up pretty committed, then it kind of melts away as the day progresses.  I succumb yesterday at the feet of some Christmas chocolates.  Then I paid for my sins.

So, I had to reset my counter and starting today at 1 again.

These recent posts on Reddit resonated with my experience:


Going great and then BAM I binged from r/sugarfree


At Coca-Cola, we recognize that too much sugar isn’t good for anyone

This recent article on CNN about Coke targeting kids shows that the world is slowly turning on sugar.  15 years ago, CNN would not have bothered.  Of course, money turns it, and so the less sugar we consume the more big biz will join the herd.

I’m not going to give props to Coke, they’ve killed enough people with their sugar and diabetes.

5 Tips for Limiting Sugar During the Holidays

There’s a article on avoiding sugar during the holidays.  It gives 5 tips. Let’s go through them.

1).  Set goals for the season: This one is important.  And I whole heartedly agree.  If your firm goal is to eat zero sweets, you have a shot.  If you are less committal, I don’t think the average person will make it.  Yell out to the Universe today, “I will not eat sugar on Christmas eve or Christmas”.  See if the Universe responds.

2). Bring your own food and/or eat before you go: Nah.  Not for me.  Sorry.  I’m not going to carry a baggy around to the in-laws with sugar free snacks in it.

3).  Don’t go it alone: It is so much easier to stick with a lifestyle when you have a network, a support group.  For some people, is their support.  I see your emails.  I usually don’t respond.  (Sorry about that, but life is busy, but I might respond, and I wish you always the best).  Tell your spouse/partner/friend/pet that you aren’t going to eat sugar.  You will feel the weight of accountability.

4). Be a Respectful Role Model: This is a good one.  A hard one for people like me with people pleasing personalities.  It was what knocked me off the 125 days on Thanksgiving.  “Yes, Grandma, I will eat your nasty pie with sugar dripping out of it”, “because I love you.”.  Wrong.  “I can’t eat your pie because I love myself, and I love you.”  That’s not good either.  But there’ s a picture here to think about.

5). You’re human, not perfect: I’m a sucker for these types of sentiments.  God (or science or whatever else you want to believe/not believe) created us as humans, not immortals.  There’s no shame in falling down.  There’s no shame in being tempted.  Never shame yourself.  Love yourself, way more than you think you deserve.  Now, I don’t want to sound permissive.  I don’t want you to eat sugar.  You shouldn’t give in to sugar.  I shouldn’t.  The goal is abstinence (as a rule).  Get up every morning committed to these no sugar rules (or whatever ones you abide).

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