Backyard Rock Garden

Backyard Rock Garden

There’s a creative side of me that has screamed to get out for as long as I can remember.  The problem has always been, I suck at art (drawing, painting, sketching).  I got my only C Grade, that I can remember, in Penmanship when I was in 2nd grade.  I thought my parents were going to smack me.  I worked at it and improved, but I never was any good.

It is very cliche to say that one is a terrible artist.  But, I’m legitimately a terrible artist.  Which is sad, because the thoughts of creation appear in my brain, I just can’t get them out on paper.

Consider this picture of me standing next to my house, with a piano in the front yard:

This is about as good as I can do.  I’ve even taken sketching classes and bought a sketching book.

Anyways, I’ve found that arranging rocks is relaxing and enjoyable

I went down to the columbia river during my lunch time and sorted through some of the river rocks.  Most of the rocks, I’ve already collected over the years.  But, I wanted to make a rock garden that had a stream, mountain, various landscapes and dimensions, tiered ponds and waterfalls, out made out of the rocks that I have collected.

Here is my finished product:

The view from the top of the mtn: 

Southern Utah red rocks section of the garden:

My wife said she likes it and my 11 year old son was impressed.  The accolades don’t matter much, though to hear the compliment from my wife felt good.  I’m in it more for the sport and hobby.

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