Better Gut Health without Sugar

Better Gut Health without Sugar

I’m pretty sure that my digestive system and guts are functioning much better now that I am 23 Days Sugar Free. 

I haven’t yet dove (dived or dove?) into the science behind sugar and guts.  But I’m sure, based on anecdotal evidence, that there is going to be a link between healthier guts and less sugar.

I was perusing the sugar free zone at reddit and found someone with a similar experience as mine.

She (he?) says:

My biggest benefit is much better gut health. I used to have frequent gas, bloating and pain. Now I have hours and days where my digestive system has no discomfort at all. It feels normal and healthy, a new and welcome feeling. I used to drink a bottle of Maalox each month or more for heartburn. I don’t get heartburn anymore.


6 months sugar free from r/sugarfree

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