Binged Sugar – Got Sick

Binged Sugar – Got Sick

I had a rough week on sugar.  Prior to this latest binge session, I was 28 days strong and feeling great!

Unfortunately, summer, kids, vacations and swim parties have a way of bending one’s fiercest willpower.  And I think that became part of my problem, I was trying to “white knuckle” discipline myself, and my capacity started to give way.

I lost the “unemotional, calm, warrior” approach.

If I take a meditative and compassionate approach to this issue, I can do it. I must do it.  But, it has to be done the right way, or else I give in too easily.

As we know on this blog, power to resist temptation decreases over time.

2016 study found that “training self-control through repeated practice does not result in generalized improvements in self-control.”

Up All Night Sick

On Saturday, I ate some sweets, not a little, but not a little.  We had a party at our house and cooked some Smore’s and I did partake.

I didn’t feel great about it, and I should have stopped there.

Instead, I gave into Sunday Dessert.  Key Lime Cheesecake Pie, Blackberry Pie, ice cream and post dessert rice krispy treats with chocolate.  I inhaled sweets.  I didn’t love it.  Just did it.  I did like it.

I woke up at Midnight last night and the room was spinning.  I crawled into the bathroom and felt like dying.

I wanted to wake up my wife and tell her to take me to the hospital, then pull the plug.

My brother, an emergency room doctor, started a blog last week.

He wrote a poem about being married to a golfer doctor, and addressed it to his wife on their anniversary.

I commented on his post:

He replied to my comment and reiterated how weird I am.

I don’t disagree with him.  Since I can remember, I’ve had unusual ways of looking at the world, people and issues.  Usually, I keep quiet about most things, in order to retain what little respect and credibility I have left in this world.

The rest of my family thinks I’m weird to.

But, on the issue of Sugar, I think I am right on.

When I told my brother I was sick, he responded with this text:

I think the medical and scientific community is starting to come around to the harm that sugar does to our bodies.

This person on Reddit had a similar experience as I had:


The infinite cycle of feeling bad from r/sugarfree


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