Camping and Sugar

Camping and Sugar

I made the mistake last weekend of going Camping.

Well Camping wasn’t the mistake.

It was the muddy buddies, smores, Albertson’s cookies and donuts that were the mistake.

I’m just now waking up from my sugar coma.  What is today Tuesday?  I’m only two full days off sugar now.  But, proud that I skipped sugar on Sunday, which was Mother’s Day and we had a full spread of sweets laid out.

I felt a lot like this person who’s story I found on the internets:

I let sugar back in my diet and I’ve been feeling awful

(TW:eating disorders) since I started letting sugar back in my diet, I’ve been feeling awful. from r/sugarfree

My 11 year old son, decided that he wanted to get off sugar too.  Yesterday, on the way home from Bball practice he was talking about how much more energetic he felt.  Maybe there is some confirmation bias, but I’m proud of him.  He told me how hard it is at school.  For the last three days, they have had donuts brought to their class because of birthday parties.  It is so hard to be young and sugar free.  Than we blame the kids for their diets.  Cultural issues everywhere around this issue.  We can all do a little better.


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