Chipmonk Cookies Review

Chipmonk Cookies Review

This article piqued my interest.

I love and miss cookies.  Not as much as I miss donuts.  But dang close.  I’ve tried other brands of sugar free cookies.

Here is my mixed review of Light Delight Sugar Free Cookies:

Light Delight Sugar Free Cookie Review

The reasons these Chipmonk cookies caught my attention is the owner has a similar story to mine:

1). Sugar Was destroying his energy

“I grew up really active,” Hernandez said. “I was always outdoors playing sports. I thought diabetes was something for older, overweight people.”

His symptoms for diabetes were more evident in his moods and energy level.

“I was the hangriest person you ever met,” Hernandez said. “And it started to encompass my entire life.”

He struggled to stay awake. He had to drink a ton of coffee to make it through the day. One day, on the drive home, he started to nod off on the road.

“I fell asleep, swerved to the right and hit the guardrail,” he said. “The jolt woke me up.”

2).  So he stopped eating sugar and created a sugar free cookie

“Over time, I wished I could sit down and have a cookie without feeling terrible the next day,” he said.

Last January, Hernandez was shopping and decided to try baking something sweet that would still fit in his diet.

3).  He uses Allulose as a Sugar Substitute

You know that I’m not a huge fan of sugar substitutes, other than stevia, which works with my body.  This Allulose is new to me.  I know very little of this substance other than it is naturally occurring in maple syrup and figs.  It is approved by the FDA and shouldn’t spike blood sugar levels.

But how does it Taste?

4).  Review Coming Shortly

I bought a pack of these Chipmonk Cookies on Amazon:

I’ll let you know soon my objective and unbiased review.


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