Choc Zero Keto Bark Almonds Review

Choc Zero Keto Bark Almonds Review

I received an email from a Sugar Broke follower.  She asked me if Choc Zero bark was considered a violation of the 100 Day Challenge:

So, I got on Amazon and bought a box.

1). The Box is Pretty.  Great Presentation.  10/10

2).  All Natural Ingredients – No Added Sugar

I was curious about this “monk fruit.”  I’ve heard of it, but have never looked into it.  Sounds like it is an extract from some tropical fruit grown in Thailand.  Similar to Stevia, I believe.  I like how there’s no added sugar alcohols or unnatural sweeteners.

3).  Texture: It comes with 6 Individually wrapped almond bark pieces.

I ate 5 of them as soon as I opened it.

Here is how I ate them:

Take it out of the box:

Open the Wrapper:

Take out the chocolate:

Look at it and savor just the appearance of it.  I’ve been off of sugar now for 30 days, so anything that looks like this is really fascinating to me.  You can see the chocolate forming around the almonds, the dents in the bar, the peaks and valleys created the melting and hardening process.  It’s all a thrill.

Than I take a bit off of the corner. The corners are the best parts.  You can see that big chunky monkey almond poking its head at me.  It wants to be eaten.  It is begging to be the next bite.

Texture is 10/10.  Pure love

4).  Taste: 10/10

How do I describe it?  It tastes like a healthy piece of chocolate goodness.  Heaven in a wrapper and formed with love.  Dark richness with crunchy goodness.  It is sweet, but not sugary.  It is scrumptious but not addicting.  A perfect blend and balance.

Thank you ChocZero.


5). Our Conclusion.  ChocZero is not a violation.  Eat at will.

It is pretty expensive though.  $8.99?  Worth it.


So, I’ve been eating these as an occasional snack for about one month now.  I still think they are a great way to curb an occasional and sometimes frequent sweet tooth.  HOWEVER, one day, and in one sitting, I had 6 in a row.

My guts went nuts.

So, now I only eat one.  And it is fine.

I think it is the monk fruit.  Because most of the time monk fruit sweetener will include erythritol, which doesn’t digest well, or at all.

So be careful, especially if you are on a date.

You don’t want to end up like Ben Stiller in Along Came Polly:

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