Clean Halloween – But it wasn’t easy

Clean Halloween – But it wasn’t easy

There are plenty of people “re-calibrating” after Halloween weekend.

No need to be discouraged.  Today is monday and you can start fresh today.

If you binged on Halloween, just ask one question to yourself.

Was it worth it?

Don’t shame or blame or wallow in defeat.  Just ask that question and remember the answer for the next Holiday season.

I’m slowly forgetting my answer to that question as I get closer to 100 days.

Here’s the reddit thread of people talking about their failed Halloween. 


So has anyone else majorly messed up over the past Halloween week/ends, or just me? from r/sugarfree



Did I make It?

I don’t think I would have, to be completely honest, if I wasn’t creeping so close to my 100 day goal.  100 Days is a Heavy motivatorI want to hang that certificate on my wall. Without it, I would likely have nosed dived into sugar bliss and post holiday coma and regret.  Just to be honest.

My favorite treats are of course donuts.  I told my wife when I get to 100 days I’m going to Krispy Kreme, ordering 1/2 dozen assorted donuts and sitting by myself to eat them all.  I hope I don’t do this, but it is what I tell my wife I’m going to do.

For Halloween we went to my parents house, which is a minefield.  Anywhere you step you will be struck down with sweet aroma.

Of course, Mom made her traditional homemade donuts this year.  It is difficult to describe how tempting these are.  7 years ago I think I ate a dozen by myself, plus a couple of the apple fritters and a handful of donut holes.  They just melt upon entry and slide down the esophagus with such ease and pleasure that it is impossible to stop.

I can’t decide if God or the Devil invented Donuts.  Maybe a combo of the two.  The two of them working together in the kitchen.

Look at those things.  How could one, as in love with sugar as I am, resist this?

Fortunately I did.  I felt great going to bed and waking up in the morning.

I did eat two of these ↓ Tom and Luke Fruit, Nut and Cocoa Snack Balls (just so I could feel like I was fitting in).


This is a list of their ingredients:

How do they taste?

I like them.  I don’t love them.  And I only eat one or two, but they are good and they are dessert-ish.  I put a couple in a smoothie and that adds flavor.

 Tweet Time 

I like this Tweet from an MD – and I agree about the immune system.  I haven’t had this much sustained energy and health for as long as I can remember.

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