CNN: Why I can’t just eat one cookie. The Science.

CNN: Why I can’t just eat one cookie. The Science.

Scrolling through my phone news feed, which is a chore and a boredom.  I get dizzy reading headlines.

It’s the same stuff everyday.  All the headlines crafted in a way to catch our attention, which I have very little of.

I saw this headline from CNN:

“The Bliss Point: Or Why you can’t eat only one cookie”

There is a little bit of scientific explanation, not much, but a little.  It starts with our evolutionary process:

To our caveman ancestors, sugar, salt and fat were necessary for survival, so they evolved to crave it. But since those foods were rare, our ancestors didn’t need much in terms of willpower.

Of course, since we love sugar, the demand went up for more sugary products and the market created more sugar infused foods.

This is very easy stuff to grasp.  

I’m a pretty hairy guy, so I consider myself caught in the middle of the evolutionary process.  I think my taste buds are heightened towards sweets.  Five years ago, I think I ate a whole case of oreos in one sitting. 

It was simple.  Mush them up in milk and slide them down the throat.

It ruined my body and I am still recovering.

Here is the CNN Article:

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