Confession Time – I ate Sugar

Confession Time – I ate Sugar

Last week my wife and I decided at the last minute to drive to Salt Lake City (a 12 hour drive) for the Gonzaga games.

We had a great time. The best time.  It was refreshing and energizing.  I need to remember to take time off for these diversions.  It charged my internal batteries.

We also had some great food.

We started at Rich’s Burger in Downtown SLC: (Yeah yeah, I know the sauces have sugar in them, please see the rules, and I know this isn’t healthy food.  I don’t care).

The next day we went to 180 tacos (or something like that) and had some of the best non-traditional korean tacos and nachos.  The blend of flavors was out of this world.

All the while, my very supportive wife who I adore and love beyond words, was kind of tempting throughout the vacation.  She would say things like:

You need a vacation from your sugar diet

If you don’t enjoy sugar every once in a while, you’re going to burn out.

I didn’t really believe her.  But, my mind got weak.

It is very weird, but in Utah they have full restaurants dedicated to Cookies and Dirty Diet Sodas

My wife liked this place called chip.  It has enormous cookies.  They are mini cakes more than cookies.

She ordered one for me………

It cost $6.  

Six dollars for a cookie? What planet is this?

I opened the box.

I smelled the cookie.

Than I shut the box.

I was still good.  I was up to 22 Days

We went back to the hotel and I went to bed.

The Fall

The next day, my wife told me about this ice cream that has muddy buddies inside of it.

I couldn’t imagine something better tasting.  Soft ice cream with crunchy chocolate cereal bites.

I thought about not eating it.  I thought about abstaining.

But, I became weak and I did eat:

How was it?

Overly hyped.

Too sweet and not satisfying.

It screwed up my guts and made me feel like crap.

The Good News

The great news is I finished this treat, went to bed and woke up with resolve to restart.

The next morning, my brother went to a local bakery:

My old favorite, with raspberry syrup on the inside.

I wasn’t even tempted.

Back on the wagon.


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