Conversation on quitting sugar Cold Turkey vs Tapering Off

Conversation on quitting sugar Cold Turkey vs Tapering Off

A nice thoughtful commentary from Reddit on quitting sugar cold turkey versus tapering off.

As you know, I am firmly planted in the cold turkey, complete abstinence camp.

However, I am open minded enough to understand that the method of Sugar Broke is not for everyone.

Consider this example:

Don’t try to quit cold turkey. This may work for some people, but not for most imo. Your brain is absolutely and completely addicted to dopamine you’re used to getting from sugar. If you cut it too abruptly you will experience a nasty mood/energy/motivation low. This is the number one mistake I used to make. This low will make you SO miserable you will at one point be willing to do anything to escape this pit of despair. And reverting back to sugar is the easiest solution.


Read this if you’re trying to cut sugar but not succeeding. from r/sugarfree

I prefer this person’s method:

“We will always love each other, but we can’t be part of each other’s lives”


To be honest, if you are addicted to sugar, I think your chances of success are higher with cold turkey versus tapering off. That’s based on my own experience and my research into other case studies. HOWEVER, I’m not God, or a sugar theologian. You need to do what works for you. If tapering off works better, go for it, I’ll support you 100.

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