Day 20 Off of Sugar: High Energy, Low body aches, Gained 5 pounds

Day 20 Off of Sugar: High Energy, Low body aches, Gained 5 pounds

I celebrated my 20th day off of refined sugar yesterday. It was hard. It was sunday dinner time with mom and sisters and cousins invited, and everybody brought a pie. And it is peach season. And the pies looked awesome.

Had I let my mind slip into any sort of Middle Ground thinking I would have caved.

You know what I mean. This sort of thinking:

“Don’t be extreme Levi”

“One day a week of sugar is not going to kill you”

“Eat Some pie with us, be social”

I was proud of myself.

I grabbed some donut peaches and a squirt of whipping cream and enjoyed my “dessert”

I woke up early in the morning. Energized for the Day.

These are the few things I have noticed about my mind and body. Now that we are on Day 20:

1). I have gained 5 pounds.

It doesn’t make sense. Well, scientifically it does. My body is still in adjustment and freak out mode. It is saving whatever excess weight it can, because it is concerned about the drastic diet change. So, I’ve gained weight, but my body feels tighter. And, I expect and know that within 10-20 days I will be at least 2 or 3 pounds below where I started 20 days ago.

2). My Body Feels Strong and Athletic

I feel like I’m in high school again. Over the weekend, I went to the rock quarry and loaded my truck with a half of yard of large landscaping rocks, than I shoveled the rocks into place. Than I mowed the lawn, edged and trimmed and we have a big yard. Than I played some chess and went back outside looking for more physical things to do. The weather was nice, and it felt good to work. There is some science behind this. A doctor told me that sugar increases our inflammatory process which swells the joints, accelerates arthritis and decelerates muscle recovery.

3). I’m not tired

This has got to be my #1 favorite positive consequence of no sugar. I don’t wake up with a hangover and I don’t spend the day tired.

4). I enjoy working more. I’m a better Employee. I just feel overall better about life.

5). I feel disciplined, sharp and steady.

More to come later……..

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