Day 3 of No Sugar: Headaches, Grumpiness, Tired…….

Day 3 of No Sugar: Headaches, Grumpiness, Tired…….

What can I expect when I quit Sugar?

I’m sure everyone will experience different withdrawal symptoms.

I have started and stopped eating sugar multiple times in my life. The more I stop and start the less I want to start again. I have noticed recurring themes every time I stop eating sugar.

On day 3 of Quitting sugar, these are the things that I this is how I feel.

1). I am grumpy. Like clockwork on the third day of not eating sugar I have a mood swing. I am not a moody guy generally speaking I am usually pretty level-headed and even keeled. It drives me crazy that I have to have a day of being down and irritable. But it’s the price I pay for falling off the wagon and getting back on:

2). Headaches. I’m not prone or susceptible to headaches, but on the third or fourth day of not eating sugar I usually have a consistent headache throughout the day.

3). Tired. I find it interesting that on the first of the two days of not eating sugar my body seems to have Energy natural energy that is stored up on. On the Third Day, I fell like a nap. I feel like staying home from work and taking a nap:

The Good News

It will all go away within the next 2 or 3 days and then if I stay off of sugar they don’t come back. My problem right now is I keep finding myself eating sugar again and again and again. Than stopping for a week. Than starting again.

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