Day 43 of No Sugar – So Much Easier Now

Day 43 of No Sugar – So Much Easier Now

I’ve never been past 50 days of no sugar.  Right now I’m trending in the right direction and I’m feeling great.

I don’t have the intense cravings, I don’t even think about sweets anymore.  My mind knows I’m not going to do it and it has largely left me alone.  It is usually at about this length of abstinence that my mind starts tricking me into the “moderation trap”.

The Moderation Trap

Life is great for people that can eat sweets in moderation.  How do you define moderation?  For me it is someone that is not a prisoner to sugar, but can enjoy it every once in a while, sometimes socially and without the binge aspect.

I really enjoyed this story of a dad raising three sons who would take them to DQ to as he put it:

“Spend time driving them to and from and talking, listening to their music and watching them all interact as brothers.”

Beautifully touching.  I don’t want to miss out on those opportunities with my boys.  But, I also don’t want to be sitting at DQ eating a blizzard.  It’s just not a good thing for me.

A lot of Pressure to Eat Socially in Moderation

Consider this post on Reddit:


The skepticism doesn’t help from r/sugarfree

“You should live a little.” “Come on, its not much.” “Why not have just a bit?”

Those words will destroy your sugar abstinence.  Somehow we’ve got to rise above the peer pressure.  We’ll never force them not to tempt us.

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