Depressed and Empty after Stopping Sugar

Depressed and Empty after Stopping Sugar

I have used sugar in my life to fill whatever voids there are.  We all have them.  I guess there are some people that are so filled with satisfaction, entertainment, joy and peace that moments of emptiness don’t come.

But, I have melancholy moments and time periods.

So, in the past I have filled the voids with sugar.  Usually chocolate.

When you stop eating sugar, you may start feeling an emptiness.

I read this following story from a fellow traveler on the no sugar subreddit shibboleth:

Let’s break this down a little bit.

1). On the 10th day without Sugar, he started “feeling very weird”

This is what some researchers call “the empty self” and it is a process of addiction breaking.  You just don’t feel normal.  You are adjusting to a new normal.

2). “I start to eat a proper meal and it doesn’t appeal to me at all”

This is what I have found to be probably the worst side effect of not eating sugar.  I can’t satisfy my palette anymore.  So I overeat, trying to satisfy myself.  I have to learn and train my body and mind to be content with a new satisfaction, that doesn’t include sugar.

3). “It feels like my existence has less meaning”

Oh yes, the existential angst kicking in.  It’s all part of the addiction breaking game.

Some people turn to religion to help.

4).  The fun is taken away, I have become numb

Life without addiction is glorious.  It is light and disciplined and joyful.  However, there are MANY moments and time periods of struggle, emptiness and doubt.  It is during these times that relapse usually happens.

I’m not a self help book.  I don’t have answers to the questions about filling your life with alternative, healthy distractions.  Being aware that these feelings of emptiness are normal and ok, is helpful to me.  They do subside and decrease.  Happiness enters your life in greater ways after the struggle.

Keep on trying.


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