Detectorists Series Review

Detectorists Series Review

I’ve recently finished the Detectorists Series on Netflix and the final season on Hulu.

My wife didn’t enjoy it with me.

I know this is a sugar addiction blog.  But it is my blog.  And I want to add other stuff that excites me.

Including this my review of the Detectorists Series:

Brought meaning to my life

I could have given Detectorists an 8 or a 9, but what the hell, I’m going with a 10. Not that the show blew me away with its character development, tension and climax, mystery or intrigue.

Quite the opposite, it was in the mundane lives of Andy and Lance that I felt an emotional boost in my own.

I go to work every morning. I took zero vacation days last year. Not because I’m that overwhelmed at work, just that I’m that underwhelmed in life and adventure.

Is there happiness in monotony? Is there purpose in hobby? Even one as infrequently unfruitful as metal detecting?

These are the most bland, ordinary superheroes that one could revere.

Move over Spiderman. Here comes Andy with a metal detector.

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