Difficult Weekend. Back on the Wagon starting Today.

Difficult Weekend. Back on the Wagon starting Today.

Fell off the Wagon

Well, it is peach season. And my Mom makes amazing peach pies. Cream cheese, sugar, whipping cream, the whole nine yards. I pretty much knew coming into the weekend that I was powerless. I knew I would fall. And so I did.

The problem is not that I eat some pie now and then. It’s that when I go down the road of sugar, I can’t get back out. So, I had pie, smores, brownies, fruity pebbles, cinnamon rolls and sugar cookies. All on the same day.

I woke up this morning with a terrible sugar hangover. My body feels like crap and my mind is a haze.

So, I’ve committed myself today (Monday) to Start the Sugar Broke Challenge again. I’m going for 10 consecutive Days.

No Shame – Back on Board

I’m not going to shame myself for falling off the no sugar wagon. Just happy to have another day to start over.

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