Does Sugar Weaken Your Immune System?

Does Sugar Weaken Your Immune System?

Just like my Post about the link between sugar and Cancer:

I’m going to be VERY CAREFUL here.

I don’t want to be a Sensationalist.

And I’m not going to turn Sugar Broke into a Fake News website, where I speak with platitudes of fear and anger. I will hopefully be as objective as possible, using the latest scientific research and objective evidence. HOWEVER, I am going to throw in some of my own anecdotal evidence.

Because, since I’ve been committed to not eating SUGAR, I have been HEALTHIER.

I haven’t been sick to the point of vomiting in one year, about the length of time that I started my real commitment not to eat sugar.

So what does Science have to say about Sugar and the Immune System?

1). High blood sugar unleashes destructive molecules that interfere with the body’s natural infection-control defenses

The results of the research conducted at Case Western Reserves are here:

Yes, it’s awfully scientific and difficult to understand.

But, in layman’s terms, as far as I can interpret it, when we eat sugar our body works overtime and has a difficult time keeping the levels of our body’s disease fighting mechanisms high enough to fight off viral infection.

So, when your kid comes home with a virus, and you are addicted to sugar, your body may not have the ability to fight it off as effectively, or as quickly as it should.

So you Get Sick.

And Stay Sick Longer.

Just my two cents.

2). Sugar Increases Inflammation in our bodies, a disease accelerating Process

Don’t believe me? Here’s the science:

Don’t believe the science? I can’t help you there. Maybe you are a religious nut or something. Sorry that was rude. I’m religious too.

3). Here’s a screenshot from a Youtube Video about the 5 effects, based on scientific research, of sugar and our immune system

Sugar Decreases the Production of Antibiotics. Any wonder that we are an over prescribed antibiotic society?


More to come……

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