Easter Slumber – 22 Day No Sugar Streak Snapped

Easter Slumber – 22 Day No Sugar Streak Snapped

To be honest, just to be 100% honest, I was on a 22 Day no Sugar streak:

But, I knew it was going to come to an end.

My mentality was off.  I was grinding too hard.  White knuckling most days until my head hit the pillow.

I had turned sugar into the enemy and was pre-occupied with defeating it.

I was less meditative and more combative.

I knew the walls would come tumbling down.

Maybe it’s good that they did.  I need to re-group and re-establish a firmer fortress.

First, let me tell you how it happened.

I came into Easter Weekend, planning on being surrounded by treats, but also determined to overcome.

On Saturday, my kids went to a community Easter Egg Hunt.

I was gone for most of the day, at various sporting events and a round of golf.

When I got home, I saw my kids with their baskets full of candy.

I wasn’t even tempted.  The crap candy they hand out isn’t at all enticing.

I don’t care about a Starburst, or a Tooty Fruity or any other Sugar sweet. 

I like Chocolate, donuts and cupcakes.

Saw a Donut Lying on the Table

As I was leaving the home where I picked up my kids, I saw from the corner of my eye, a donut that was cut in half.  It had raspberry syrup in the middle of it.

I tried to deflect my attention, but I was too obsessed.

I crept closer to the donut.

I grabbed the knife and edged off a small piece.  I thought twice.

Than I let it enter me.

I didn’t stop there

Since, I had already taken a bite, my mind slipped off the cliff and I finished the donut.

Than I went home and started picking out of my childrens easter baskets.

I ate crap candy after crap candy.

I slept like crap, woke up feeling like crap and spent the next day in a sugar coma.  I still feel like crap.

No Shame

There is some salvageable takeaways from Easter.

1).  I didn’t hide in the kitchen closet and sneak sugar.  I told my wife what I was doing.  I ate it in full view of everyone.  I owned it.  I didn’t feel ashamed.

2).  I knew I had to reset my mindset from sugar being the enemy to sugar just being gross and making me feel bad.  I’m working on a meditation and calming practices to get me there.

3).  I did go 22 days without sugar.  That was good for my body and for me.  Not a record, but close.

4).  I didn’t like the Sweets that I ate.  It was too sweet.  It didn’t feel good.

5).  So, for 2 Days I slept and on the 3rd Day I am risen.  Ready to start fresh and move forward.


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