Favorite Bohemian Rhapsody Scene

Favorite Bohemian Rhapsody Scene

I was touched by this movie.  Freddie Mercury was so talented, that he was almost elevated to a more than human status.  Yet, there was so much that was tragic in his life that brought him back down to relatable.  From the conflict of his family heritage, religion and background mixed with his artistry and passion for music.  To his repressed sexuality and closeted shame brought on by the cultures and mores of the time that he lived.  Then the battle with inner demons, relationships, drugs, success and failure………

I was probably moved the most by the relationship he had with his father, a devoutly religious and principled man that was tethered to tradition and couldn’t see beyond the world that he was raised in.  Of course a distance was created and never really bridged.  But, I felt that something remained inside of Freddie that was drawing him back and something changed in his father that was opening him up.

The climactic scene of the movie for me was their brief reunion:


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