Free Sugar Addiction Calendar

Free Sugar Addiction Calendar

Probably the most effective aid in my sugar addiction recovery has been the Sugar Broke Sugar Addiction Goal Calendar

That sounds awfully self serving. But it’s true. At least for me.

Accountability is vital when helping you overcome negative habits.

Often, in the self struggle against Sugar, you will find yourself completely alone in the battle.

You will find that some people are supportive, some times.

But most of the time, you will probably need to keep it to yourself that you don’t eat sweets. Because people won’t be able to relate to you and will think that you are weird.

They will usually say something like this:

“If you just eat sweets in moderation it is not an issue”

“Don’t be extreme in your diets or you can’t sustain it”

“Sweets are what makes eating fun”

“Etc. etc. etc”

So, really you are on your own.

Except you have us. You can be accountable to us.

Every morning, you can wake up in the morning and report how you did yesterday.

If you Keep the Rules – You can check the Smiley Face. You will be awarded with a Green Check Mark and a Congratulations:


You set your Goal for no Sugar – And watch the Goal Tracker Creep Closer to your goal:

Once you hit 100 Days of No Sugar – Email me at Give me your address and I will send you a Sugar Broke Certificate and Free Sobriety Pin.

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