Golden Crisps 80’s commercial with the Sugar Bear

Golden Crisps 80’s commercial with the Sugar Bear

I grew up in the sugar age.  The propaganda was everywhere on commercials.  We ate sugar cereals for at least two meals most days.  And why wouldn’t we? It is cheap, easy and even branded as good for us and healthy.

I used to watch Saturday morning cartoons with my brothers.  One of the commercials that played on a loop is the “Golden Crisp Sugar Bear Commercial” where we were told that “the vitamins in Golden Crisp make this nutritious meal really neat.”  In this commercial, the Crocodile is the antagonist trying to steal the cereal from the “Sugar Bear.” The “Sugar Bear” full of energy after eating a handful of Golden Crisp cereal pulls up his sleeve, in a very Popeye-esque show of strength, proclaiming:

“Time for a vitamin packed punch”

The “Sugar Bear” grabs the bigger crocodile and swings him into a log, using the Croc’s teeth to saw down a wooden boat, leaving the Croc dejected and toothless.  Sugar Bear than escapes harmlessly in his boat singing all along:

“I can’t get enough of Super Golden Crisp it’s got the crunch with punch”

It’s a David and Goliath story.  Filled with the power of Golden Crisp, the Sugar Bear turns into a superheroic muscle man with unlimited power and confidence defeating the Crocodile and boating off into the sunset.


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