Help sugar cravings with this Pretzel Favorite

Help sugar cravings with this Pretzel Favorite

I got home from work the other day:

And all of my kids were talking about “how good” this “new cereal” is.

I wandered over the kitchen to see what all the fuss was about:

“Dad, this Churro cereal is awesome”, exclaimed my excited 6 year old as he slurped up the sweet remaining bites.

“What kind of cereal are you eating?” I had never seen this shape before.

He pulled out the box:

Wow.  “At least they’re not hiding their intentions” I muttered.

“What dad?”

“Nothing son”.

I was feeling a pretty strong desire to eat some churros cereal, so I went to the pantry to see if I could find any craving curbers.

To my delight, my wife had stocked the shelf with Dot’s Pretzels:



These things are delicious.  I love them.  And I don’t normally love pretzels.  Pretzels, normal ones, have a negative taste.  These are bursting with flavor.  And it’s not just a honey mustard flavor, it’s an unknowable one.  It keeps my sugar cravings at bay.

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