Sugar Broke 100 Day Challenge

Sugar Broke 100 Day Challenge

Welcome to Sugar Broke. First off, we congratulate you for being here with our community. We are committed to helping people quit sugar with compassion and consistency. We can help by keeping you accountable. Read the Rules below and directions to start your no sugar goal calendar.

Sugar Broke 100 Day Challenge Rules:

  • a). NO SWEETS (candies, chocolates, candy bars, etc.)
  • b). NO DESSERTS (pies, cakes, etc).
  • c). NO ADDED SUGAR (Jello, Pudding, Granola Bars, basically anything that tastes good that has added sugar).
  • d). NO DIET SODAS/CHEMICAL REPLACEMENTS (For now you can drink reasonable servings of stevia and stevia drinks, but no Diet-Coke or Diet Pops, ‘sugar free’ cookies, aspartame, sugar alternatives, etc).
  • d). You are allowed to eat sauces (ketchup, bbq, etc). *We still want you to enjoy eating and we want your sugar free commitment to be sustainable.
  • e). You are allowed to eat reasonable portions of natural foods that include sugars (real maple syrup, honey, agave). (*Note – some people say this is cheating. We think it is not). A reasonable portion would be some honey in your oatmeal.
  • f). FRUITS are always allowed. Eat as much fruit as you want. It will help to beat your cravings to have fruit and nuts available. (*Note – Some people complain that fruit should be used in moderation and that this is not a true no sugar diet. I get it. I have heard you through your emails. I have tried to include all ideologies, but there are some extreme positions that are just not going to like SugarBroke. We welcome you, but cannot change for you).
  • g). NEVER Get down on yourself. Start over in the Morning.
  • h). Don’t brag or proselytize your no sugar beliefs. What works for your may not work for others. We don’t encourage radical ideologies or extreme positions.
  • i). Notice the increases in Discipline, Happiness, Strength and Energy and a myriad of other benefits in your life.
  • j). If you break rule a, b, c or d than you have to mark a RED X on your Goal Calendar.


  • h). If you Keep these rules for 100 Days, you are a Sugar Broke Champ. Please email me at when you hit 100 days. You will receive a Sugar Broke Diploma and sugar sober pin in the mail.


This is How Sugar Broke Works (it is very simple, effective and 100% free)

  • 3). Come back everyday. If you go a day without eating Refined Sugars than you click the smiley face. If you eat Sugar you click the Red X and start over on a new goal.
  • 4). When you are feeling a sugar craving instead of eating it, email your cravings to  It is therapeutic to tell me what you are craving and how you are feeling.