How Quitting Sugar woke me up, Literally

How Quitting Sugar woke me up, Literally

Why Should You Stop Eating Refined Sugars?

I will explain in this short article the difference in my life from when I was a sugar addict to now. First I will define what I was as a sugar addict. I was on a diet plan where I was counting calories. I was losing weight and lost almost 40 lbs on this calorie counting diet. People would ask me, I bet you are feeling a lot better now right? I would say yes, because it seemed like the natural response to their leading question.

But inside, I wasn’t feeling better. I was feeling worse.

My Low Calorie, High Sugar Diet

It is true that I had cut my calories significantly. It is also true that in the process I was eating only the things that tasted really good to me. I would turn vegetables and fruit away for processed junk and chocolate. The processed foods came packaged in neat “Only 100 Calorie” packs and other flashy packaging. It wasn’t until I read the label that I realized what I was actually eating.

These foods were LOADED with added sugar.

I Started Getting Tired

I would come home from work exhausted, skinny, but exhausted. My wife wanted me to get a doctor’s appointment because she thought I had MONO or worse.

I don’t like doctors so I just started sleeping more. But I felt awful.

One night we watched a Katie Couric documentary, titled Fed Up. They talked about how refined sugars are processed through our bodies and how it can zap our energies.

I Committed to No Sugar the next Day

Literally the next night, I couldn’t sleep. I had become an insomniac in one day of not eating sugar. It’s like my body was resetting itself and my natural energies were flowing back to me. It was a night and day difference, in ONE DAY of not eating sugar.

I still struggle with my sugar addiction. But life is better and I have 10x the energy I used to.

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