How to Beat your Sugar Addiction

How to Beat your Sugar Addiction

How to Beat your Sugar Addiction

Hello my name is Levi and I am addicted to sugar. Some people may laugh at me when I say that. Because it doesn’t sound serious, like say an addiction to hardcore drugs.

But, for me it is serious.

I have an Insatiable Sweet Tooth

I think I developed it in my late 20’s. I loved sweet stuff so much that I dedicated all of my calories to sugar and sweets. I didn’t want vegetables or fruits. I wanted chocolate. And I ate a ton of it. I remember going to Dairy Queen and buying a chocolate cake for lunch and eating the whole thing in my car.

I was miserable.

I finally woke up to my Sugar Addiction

My family thinks I’m obsessed with not eating sugar. They think I’m taking this “no sugar thing” too far. And they might be right. My approach and program may not be for everybody.

But it works for me.

This is how you can stay sugar free

1). Keep a Calendar. At I keep a calendar. Everyday I am accountable for what I did the day before. I usually start with 10 days as my sugar free goal. Everyday I don’t eat sugar, I get to mark the smiley face. Everyday I eat sugar, the next day I mark the Red X and start over.

2). Don’t get down on yourself. Nobody is perfect and you won’t be perfect as you try not to eat sweets and refined sugar. Every morning can be a fresh start and if you look back at the previous week and you are improving, that is progress and perfect.

3). I don’t force my no sugar beliefs on others. It’s exhausting and not therapeutic. It can be a private battle, and you can join with us who understand what you are going through.

4). When I fail, I sleep it off and get up the next morning committed to not eating sugar.

Life will Improve without sugar

There are so many benefits to a life without sugar. These include 1). Clarity of mind, 2). Natural energy, 3). You lose that tired feeling, 4). Disciplined mind and body, 5). Natural foods start tasting so much better.

You can do it. Join with us at

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