How to Stop celebrating no sugar with sugar

How to Stop celebrating no sugar with sugar

That is a confusing title that I just wrote.

How to stop celebrating no sugar with sugar

I read this recent experience from a sugar addict that he/she will get to day 5 or 7 of sugar sobriety than celebrate by eating sugar.

Here is their story:


How to stop thinking I’m depriving myself of a treat when i cut sugar out? from r/sugarfree

There’s really no good answer

I find myself doing the same thing.

I had a really Disappointing weekend.

I was just lame.

Of course, I see clearly now, on Monday morning.  But, let me tell you, my weekend was really weak:

I was clean all through Friday.

Than Saturday my family went to Dairy Queen for blizzards.

And I abstained:

I was feeling great going into Sunday, The Sugar Sabbath.

I went to my brothers house for Dinner.

He grilled burgers.  That were delicious.

Than for Dessert they had Cookies and Ice Cream.  They had two varieties of Cookies.

Chocolate Chip and Straight Chocolate.

I asked him if they were worth breaking my no sugar streak of 13 days for.

He said “no probably not”

Very supportive of him.

So I abstained.

And then I got home.

And had two bowls of sugar cereal and a handful of chocolate blueberries.

And I went to bed and woke up with a sugar hangover.

I’m resetting my No Sugar Calendar to Zero. 

Still looking for 100 days.

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