I was asked to Judge the Sugar Cookie Contest

I was asked to Judge the Sugar Cookie Contest

Sugar Cookies were never really my thing.  Until I went off of sugar.

Now, I love them over most other cookies.

Only the soft ones though.  The ones that melt in my mouth.

If it crunches when I bite into it, I don’t want to have anything to do with it.

My 12 Year Old Daughter asked me to Judge her Sugar Cookie Contest

I was happy to do it.  I enjoy being a critic.  I’d like to be a movie critic, if anyone would listen.  No one does or would.

So, I judged the Cookies.

But I still didn’t eat one.

Today is my 44th Day off of Sugar.

I couldn’t feel better Physically.

Mentally however, I’m growing weak.  I would have caved and eaten some sugar cookies, if I didn’t have a bet going on:


Here are the Beautifully Decorated Sugar Cookies:

Want to know which one looks the most enticing to me?  It is the green and yellow christmas tree in the top left corner.  It has mini m&ms on it.  I love Mini M&M’s.

One more Treat I avoided last weekend

I bring home the Christmas sweets that we get at work.  This week we got some Honey Pecans from someone.

My beautiful wife said

“This is my favorite treat ever”

And she doesn’t usually sensationalize things.  That was a pretty honest assessment.  Once I fall off the wagon, I’m going to eat a full bag of these.


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