Is Eating Molasses breaking the No Sugar Rule?

Is Eating Molasses breaking the No Sugar Rule?

My Wife said she was going to make me a “Sugar Free” Banana Cake Yesterday

I’m always skeptical of sweet food that people call “sugar free”. You already know the Sugar Broke Rules:

But, as a Recap:

1). No added sugar

2). No artificial Sweeteners

3). Honey and Pure Maple Syrup are fine in moderation

I had personally never considered Molasses before.

So I looked it up on Wikipedia to try to figure out what it is.

This is my summary of what it is: When sugar is refined from Sugar Cane or beets, there is a two step boiling process. The first boiling results in the refined and crystallized sugar that is called sugar. The second boiling produces this brown colored, and slightly bitter product called Molasses.

Here is a neat, educational video about the production of molasses:

There is some Middle Ground with Molasses and Arguments Both Ways

I have read articles that say that molasses is healthier than sugar because it is a second boiling without all of the sweetening properties. I have heard that molasses is sugar, watered down and that it can be eaten in moderation.

My Own Experience says Molasses is not healthy

It’s not for me. I tried a cake baked with molasses. It gave me similar symptoms that sugar does, craving, jitters, crash, haze, etc etc etc.

Molasses is going to be officially against Sugar Broke Rules

Sorry for molasses lovers. We have decided to officially denounce molasses as an acceptable alternative to sugar. We are still ok with, for the time being, honey, maple syrup, agave and stevia in their natural forms and in moderation.


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