Kit Kat bar with no added sugar

Kit Kat bar with no added sugar

I woke up to an intriguing article in my news feed today:

Nestle Creates New Chocolate—With No Added Sugar

I opened it up to find another interesting statement:

Nestle SA has found a way to create chocolate without adding any sugar, relying on leftover material from cocoa plants for sweetening as consumers look for natural and healthier fare

I’m definitely interested at this point.

I can already hear the radical no sugar folks:

“It’s all a disguise for sugar, it’s a marketing ploy to trick you.”

Maybe, but as you know, at SugarBroke we are very open minded and encourage tasty foods, that are healthy and natural.  To this point, our beef is primarily with added refined sugar (the white stuff that sits on your counter).  If food companies want to get creative, we are all about that.

We already know that Chocolate (cocoa in the purest sense) without the refined sugar has health benefits.

According to this Harvard Study:

“Cocoa Reduces inflammation Associated with Heart Disease”

So, we’ve got to find a way to incorporate cocoa into our diets, without the added sugar (and without aspartame or other chemical sugars).

I’ve done some poking around online to try to figure out how Nestle plans on “relying on leftover cocoa plant” material for sweetener.  I didn’t think a cocoa plant was naturally sweet?  And I’m not finding answers yet online.  Maybe it is some proprietary Nestle process that is just a mystery.

I’m excited to try one of these Kit Kat Bars.  I love and miss kit kat bars.  The texture alone is satisfying enough for me.

I commend your effort to take away the added sugar from our foods.

Thank you Nestle and good luck.

Here’s a fun video on making chocolate from Cocoa Seeds:




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