Light Delight Sugar Free Cookie Review

Light Delight Sugar Free Cookie Review

I was at the gym at lunch today, and as you know, I’m coming off a thanksgiving weekend of complete abstinence.  So, I’m feeling a little vulnerable and living in some pretty intense cravings.

The gym was advertising these Light Delight Sugar Free Cookies:


The lady at the front desk said she is on a no Sugar and no Carb diet and that she loves these cookies.

As I was in intense sugar cravings, I bought two.  They cost over $5.00 a piece.

I checked the Ingredients.  Here are the things that stood out to me:

1).  90 Calories only!  That is a minor miracle.  I would expect any food this size, especially a cookie, to be upwards of 250 calories.

2).  Sweetened with Stevia.  That is good.  My body likes stevia.  I don’t sense any negative side effects.

3).  Sweetened with Swerve?  What the hell is swerve.  That doesn’t sound good.  It says it is “natural sweetening”, but when I look it up on Google it looks pretty gimmicky.  Like it starts off trying to be an all natural sweetener, but then it turns into a chemical sweetener.

Swerve has three ingredients:

  • Erythritol
  • Oligosaccharides
  • Natural Flavors

Those first two sound awfully unnatural to me.  Maybe heavily processed?

Oh well, I’ll try it out. (I tried it out.  I didn’t like it.  Stevia remains the only sugar substitute that works for me.  But hey, everybody is different).

These are my non-apologetic observations of the Cookies N Cream Light Delight Cookie:


5/10 – It’s fine.  I like the texture.  It’s kind of sticky, yet a little crumbly (oh the paradox).   It almost tastes like a hostess cupake with the cream filling.  Then why 5/10?  I don’t know.  It tastes fake.  Like someone made a concoction in their lab, cloning a cookie and dressing it up like one. It’s just ok.


2/10 – I didn’t like the after taste.  It stayed around for an hour or so.  Sugar goes down well and has good staying power.  No wonder people love it.  This stuff, had a mild to moderate poor aftertaste.

Rumbling Gut:

After I ate it, my intestines started rumbling and have been talking to me all afternoon.  Not sure if it’s the swerve sweetener, because I’m not used to it.  Maybe it’s just my guts digesting something they aren’t used to.

No Sugar Crash:

I definitely didn’t feel any sugar crash.  So that’s a positive

I ate the whole thing:

That must count for something.   I finished it all.  Overall, a decent experience.  But not one that I will repeat very often.  Certainly not a substitute for a sugary cookie treat.

And the price is outrageous.  More than $5.00 for a cookie?

Thank you for trying though.  Sincerely.  At least someone is being creative with food and creating it without sugar.  It is so easy to throw a recipe together, with almost any flavor, and dump the sugar in.  It always tastes good with sugar, no matter what.  So A+ for Creativity.

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