Made it Through Thanksgiving – Sugar Free

Made it Through Thanksgiving – Sugar Free

I have a very traditional family, with very traditional Thanksgiving ties.  I think my 14th great grandpa is William Bradford, who sailed the mayflower.

We have an uber traditional Thanksgiving gathering, with all of the usual craving inducing foods.

This year, we even had small chocolate sweets at each place set:

Normally, I would have paused my sugar diet and just binged on whatever festive yuminess I could get my hands on.

But, this year was a little bit different.

First of all I am still in the middle of this bet (no sugar vs no porn):

Secondly: I know how I get when on sugar.  And I’ve been off now for 22 Days

I don’t want to Dive back into that lifestyle.  It is negative for me.

It is better that I be disciplined.

So I resisted sweets.

And I said no to the pies.

And I feel great today.

No haze.

Full energy.

Smile on my face.

I did bake a no-added sugar apple pie that I thought was really good.

Here’s the recipe:

To be Completely Honest

I sometimes put on a good face.  But this is really hard for me.  I’ve lived my life on sugar.  I’m actually craving it as we speak.  But, I’m going to be patient with the cravings and try to meditate my way out of them.

To those who fell hard at Thanksgiving and are ready for a re-start, I would say you are always welcome here.  No shame allowed, and especially none for trying.

Just for trying you get a Gold Star from me.

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