Monday Motivation – No Sugar Week

Monday Motivation – No Sugar Week

I am now on Day 7 of No Sugar. I made it through the weekend, limping, but alive. It was not easy, not with the birthday cake and fresh peach pie. It’s always difficult turning the corner of days 5 and 6.

I needed some motivation this monday morning. And, I’m not usually a rah rah rah beat the odds type of guy. I tend more towards the skeptical and less optimistic side of life.

But this post on the GetMotivated Subreddit was encouraging.

I liked it.

Set Goals

Stay Quite about them

Smash the Shit out of Them

Clap for your damn self


Complete Every Day

You can actually buy this t shirt on Amazon


Why do I like it?

Because it goes along with some Eastern Philosophies about not parading our beliefs or victories, but celebrating them on our own and that is good enough. Think about the people that you know that have to brag about every little thing that they accomplish or that their child does? And now with Instagram they work it in subtle ways, so it’s not so glaringly obvious what they are doing.

Just open Instagram you’ll find them everywhere.

I once described it on twitter this way:


So Set Goals and Beat Sugar

But keep it to yourself. Smile within. Don’t judge the Fatty that is double fisting donuts. That’s their deal and not yours. Seek for contentment in your own success. You don’t need a following.

Yes, I am a hypocrite

I can hear what you’re saying. “You tell me not to create a following and just to be silent with your success, and here you have a blog, you hypocrite.”

My response: Good point.

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