More Benefits to Quitting Sugar

More Benefits to Quitting Sugar

A recent post on Reddit got me thinking about the many health benefits to quitting sugar.

I wanted to go line by line and see if this person’s experience matches or aligns with mine.

As a background to this Redditor’s post:

This is someone that is a sugar binger, as I am.  He’s addicted to sugar and can eat up to 10 oreos in one sitting (I can do 15-20).

They would especially be triggered when life is bad, when they were stressed, or depressed.

After 22 Days of no sugar, these are main benefits they noticed:

1).  Less Sleep Needed (My experience has been exactly this.  I don’t need to sleep 9 hours a night.  I don’t come home from work tired.  I don’t wake up tired);

2).  More Focus (Anecdotally, this has been true for me also.  It feels like sugar causes my mind to be disrupted by negative thoughts.  It is more difficult to concentrate on one task at a time);

3).  Ability to Communicate is better (Not sure about this one.  I don’t communicate very well anyways.  I’m pretty introverted);

4).  Social anxiety is getting better (I’ll look into this and try to feel this out a little more.  Check in later for the results);

5). No more huge crash in the afternoon (100% this);

6). Feel more peace (100% this and disciplined and health and happy and content);

7). No suicidal thoughts.  No depression.  (I am generally better off mentally when off of sugar.  I’m not sure about the science behind the depression);

8). It’s worth it.


Here is the whole post for you to read:


Day 22…Yes. You do notice changes. Big changes. from r/sugarfree

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