My Holiday Binge

My Holiday Binge

I had intentions, going into Christmas, to abstain from Sugar.

I was working on Day 50 of being Sugar Free.

I was also alive and well in this $100 Bet:

Unfortunately, the bet died, you can read the details here:

I didn’t have the will power to abstain.

There was so much pressure to partake:

Orange Rolls

Huckleberry Pie

This stuff:

Not to mention all of the chocolates that come from all of the well intentioned friends.  And the chocolate covered everythings.

I was in a sugar coma by day one.

It’s the kind of tired that sleep doesn’t resolve.

Two days ago, I had enough.

And went back on my no sugar diet.  Committed to getting to 100 Days.


Than I fell off the wagon again.  Re-started the $50 bet (Money is a great motivator for not eating sugar), and I started on Jan 1st.  Hoping to make it 100 Days, which would double my record.

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