New Favorite No Added Sugar Snack

New Favorite No Added Sugar Snack

A hobby of mine is perusing the grocery stores looking for some new and exciting No Added Sugar snacks.

While at Target, I ran across these:

Good & Gather Date and Nut Bars

This is the Apple Pie version: They have others which are delicious as well.

You can get them on Amazon:

These bars have 6 All Natural Ingredients:

Dates, Almonds, Apples, Walnuts, Raisins and Cinnamon:

They have ZERO Added Sugar (Thank you Good & Gather – you are doing God’s work)

Yes, they have 21g of Natural Sugars.  If you are a no sugar purist (meaning you don’t eat fruit, all natural sugar foods, etc)., this website is not for you.  But, we have explained that many times:

How does it Stack up to your other snack recommendations?

It’s at the top.  It’s literally my #1 favorite no added sugar snack. I am now at 22 Days of no added sugar and I credit much of my success to these bars.  Not sarcastic.   Sincerely.

How do they Taste?

First of all, they taste all natural.  You have all experienced those protein bars filled with every alternative sugar and preservative.  They just don’t taste real.  They taste like a robot.

These bars taste like apple pie, healthy apple pie.  The dates add the sweetness.  They aren’t gross like most health bars.  They are good, really good.  Exceptionally good.  I keep them stocked.

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