New Month, New Resolve – Insulin Resistance explained in Layman’s terms

New Month, New Resolve – Insulin Resistance explained in Layman’s terms

I broke over the weekend.

I was weak for some reason.  I had about 23 days under my belt, than I caved in to lousy sugar treats.  You can see that confession here:

Once I ate a little, I craved more.  So, I gave in again.

So, here I am on April 1st.  The 1st day of my new sobriety.

I’m still aiming for the 100 Day Challenge.

Insulin Resistance

Our bodies really get out of whack when we allow refined sugars in.

First, a basic discussion on what happens when we eat.

1). We eat food – which is broken down by enzymes and acids.

2).  Our body separates what is useful.  The cells absorb the good and bad.

3).  If we eat sugars, too many sugars, over the years our cells lose the capacity to absorb the sugars.

4).  This leads to a spike in blood sugar levels and diabetes.

5).  As we abstain from sugars our cells rejuvenate and our body normalizes.  When we eat sugars again, our body freaks out and our cells and pancreas work too hard and get upset.

Rain in Arizona

It rarely rains in Arizona.  So the ground is hard, compact and can’t absorb water.  So when the monsoon season comes, there are floods everywhere.  The ground simply can’t soak in the additional water.  This is similar to what happens in our bodies with sugar.  The cells simply can’t absorb all of the sugar we are feeding it.  We get tired.  Our bodies suffer.  Our minds suffer.

Respect to this Guy

Sounds like he overcome his cravings and survived a weekend at the beach.


Tough at the beach from r/sugarfree

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