New Study: Sugar impairs your child’s Memory and Learning

New Study: Sugar impairs your child’s Memory and Learning

It’s no secret that sugar consumption in America is WELL above recommended limits

Nobody needs to perform a study for that conclusion.

It is a Truism:

a statement that is obviously true and says nothing new or interesting.

I am an attorney and have taken multiple cases through trial. I understand somewhat of what it takes to convince a jury of 12. It is difficult, a monumental task, when they are looking at you through their skeptical eyes. I’m convinced that it wouldn’t take any witness prep or crafty argument to convince a juror that we are over saturating ourselves and our kids with sugar.

**Note: I can see all of the various eye rolls from people as they read this cringe worthy statement I made: “I’m an attorney and have taken multiple cases through trial.” What a pompous statement and I didn’t mean to come across that way. I don’t care that I’m an attorney and no one else should. I value so many professions, careers, jobs and self taught people above myself.

What do I think? I’m some kind of Perry Mason? Pathetic…..

See my previous post: Two year olds eat more sugar than an adult is supposed to.

Recent Study on Childhood Mental Impairment

A team of scholars, scientists and academics took on the challenge recently to determine whether or not our childrens’ diets are affecting their mind, memory and learning ability.

These are the specialists that performed the study:

Juliana F.W. Cohen, ScD Sheryl L. Rifas-Shiman, MPH Jessica Young, PhD, Emily Oken, MPH, MD

These are educated, thoughtful and intelligent folks:

Study Method

They used 1,234 Mother/Child pairs in their study. The Median age of the children were between 3 and 7.

Conclusion – Sugar messes with minds

Why are we starting with the conclusion? Because this is what most people are interested in anyways. So, let’s start with it and then tell you how they got there. Here is their conclusion:

Sugar Consumption (Especially in Sweetened Beverages)
adversely impacts child cognition. While Fruit consumption may lead to improvements. And a kicker: Diet Soda is also a cause of impairment.

From the Study: Childhood SSB (Sugar Sweetened Beverage) consumption was associated with poorer verbal intelligence at mid-childhood.

“Fruit was additionally associated with greater visual motor abilities in early childhood and verbal intelligence in mid-childhood”

“Diet Soda is not an Ideal Alternative”

Any Holes in the Research?

I read the entire study and self evaluated the legitimacy. To me, it was shockingly but not surprisingly clear, too much sugar is consumed during pregnancy and children eat too much sugar when they are young which leads to impairments of mind, memory and ability to learn. I was surprised to learn that Diet soda, commonly considered a healthier alternative, had no significant benefit over regular sugar soda.

Your child and my child may not be destined for Harvard. But, let’s at least give them the best opportunity we can to function mentally at their highest level. This means, stop shoveling sweets down their throats just to make them happy.

Sorry. I’ll stop preaching now.

Here’s a link to the Study.

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