No Refined Sugar Apple Pie

No Refined Sugar Apple Pie

Life doesn’t have to be pure torture as you are coming off of sugar.

The first week is the hardest and cravings often hit pretty strong.

Sometimes, you need to eat something that can curb the craving and that tastes great, but that is Within the Rules of Sugarbroke

Yesterday, I wanted to make a pie

I’ve never made a pie before.

I found a very simple recipe online.

This is it:

1).  Go to the store and Buy a pre-made pie dough;

2).  Dice six apples (I had some really sweet fujis that were great);

3).  Cook the apples on a stove with some apple juice concentrate, cinnamon and honey (and real maple syrup if you really want to) until they are tender (appx 10 minutes); Add about 3 tbsps of cornstarch to thicken everything.

4).  Put the apples onto the pie dough;

5).  Cook at 350 degrees for 40 minutes;

6).  Put some whipping cream on top (there is no added sugar in most whipping cream spray cans).

This is how it turned out.  And it was really good.  Like sinfully deliciously good.

By the way, that bird thingy in the middle is something my wife put into the pie pan.  Apparently, it is to keep the bottom from getting soggy.

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