Norway increases Sugar taxes by 83%

Norway increases Sugar taxes by 83%

This news recently from Norway – That they are Raising Sugar Taxes by up to 83%

In order to improve the national diet

Yeah, I get it, keep the Government out of the free economy. I’m pretty sure sugar should be treated as a mild drug at this point. Certainly, over indulgence of sugar is an epidemic in America and we just can’t control ourselves.

I don’t blame us for not being able to control our sweet tooth. Just walk down the grocery aisle or watch a commercial. Our brains are being trained to be sugar zombies.

So a Big HIGH FIVE to Norway for doing something about it.

Can Sugar Taxes work in America?

When I ask can it work, I mean will it reduce consumption, increase awareness and help people make healthier choices. The phsychology behind it is this:

Fat American sees America taxing Sugar. Asks Why. Finds out that sugar is unhealthy and destroying their body. They get on a sugar diet and become healthy. Generations are blessed.

The trend right now is for cities and municipalities to tax soft drinks and sugary products. The national government and state governments aren’t taking a stand yet.

Here is an article that talks about the process of moving from awareness to taxation (similar to how tobacco become stigmatized than taxed).

And the Sugar Industry is Strong and they won’t cave easily.

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