Off of Sugar – “I never get sick anymore”

Off of Sugar – “I never get sick anymore”

As you may know by now, my #1 Weakness is Donuts.

I love(d) donuts.  I think I could eat a full dozen by myself, in my prime.

We have some landscapers working on our yard this week.

My wife asked if I would pick them up some donuts on the way home.

I stopped at Krispy Kreme.

And I went inside.  That place is delicious.

I ordered an Assortment of a Dozen

I got a free dozen glazed as well:

It took some willpower not to just set aside my “no sugar morality” for a day and just freaking go to work on this box of donuts.  But, I abstained.  And I’m glad I did.

I haven’t vomited in 1.5 years

There is plenty of evidence that sugar weakens our immune system:

Does Sugar Weaken Your Immune System?

My last year’s new years resolution was to go the whole year without vomiting.  And though I did have some minor bugs and sickness, I didn’t throw up once.  I attribute this yes, to my no sugar diet (that I wasn’t perfect on).  But, for me, I just feel healthier all around.

There’s a Reddit subscriber that had a similar story today:


I never get sick anymore from r/sugarfree

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