Over 50 Days Sugar Free – Down 55 lbs

Over 50 Days Sugar Free – Down 55 lbs

I went to bed last night at 11:30pm.  I woke up this A.M. at 5:30 and jumped out of bed.

I don’t want to sound like Mr. motivator or whatever.  I’m actually not happy about this.

I told my wife that I’d prefer to sleep in, because I get bored in the morning.

My body and mind just aren’t tired anymore.  I used to be the sleepiest guy in the world.  Now, I am wide eyed at 5:30am trying to force myself back to sleep.  I don’t get tired during the day either.  It’s a constant state of alertness.  I feel like my Farmer Grandpa who never slept.

I’m now 56 days off of sugar.

At the height of my sugar addiction I weighed 235 lbs.  I didn’t even realize how overweight I was.  I felt awful and I was in constant pain and brain fog, but I didn’t think about my diet.

Today, I weighed in at 179.6.  I haven’t seen a 7 on the scale since I was a Sophomore in High School.  And I’m not grinding out a diet.  I just don’t eat sugar.  Without sugar, and given time for my body to adjust, the weight seems to just kind of float off effortlessly.

Check off the Calendar Everyday

I love coming to work, opening my computer and checking off another day on the no sugar calendar.

Here it is by the way, very easy to use, free and all the other stuff. 

Do Cravings Still Come?

Cravings are down, way down.  Like I said before, I can now stare a donut in the face without eating half a dozen.  But, don’t believe those that tell you that the cravings disappear.  They don’t.

I was taking my son to basketball practice yesterday and we passed by a Krispy Kreme.

I told him:

When I hit 100 Days off Of Sugar I’m going to Krispy Kreme and I’m getting 2 raspberry filled, 2 chocolate, 2 apple fritters and a handful of donut holes.  I’m going to buy a medium chocolate milk.  Then, I’m going to sit in one of the booths by myself and enjoy every last bite, shame free.

I really felt that way.  And this might happen. I hope it doesn’t.  But it might.

There’s a pretty good online discussion today about Cravings:

Here are some of the thoughtful comments.

Does the Craving Eventually Stop?





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