Relapsing all over the place

Relapsing all over the place

My life is 50% better off of sugar.

I’m not going to pretend I have some awesome life without problems.  And that when I’m off sugar, I live in a Utopia of wonder and excitement.

I’m generally a pretty mundane guy with typical life issues who deals with melancholy.

But, I just feel way better when I am disciplined and OFF OF SUGAR!

I usually get to about week 2 or 3 when I lose cravings and wonder why I ever needed sugar in the first place.

Than my mind slowly weakens and I give into the voice that says “moderation in all things”

Than I dive back into sugar, like I am that rich uncle in Ducktales, diving into his money pit:

Except I don’t spit out the sugar.

I enjoyed this comment from Sugar Free on Reddit

This guy went 3 years sugar Free!  Than he gave into some kit kats at an asian market.


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